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How's My Driving?

Kink List (also applies for memes)


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How's My Driving?
Comments and constructive criticism welcomed
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Note: If there's a kink not listed anywhere, consider it a maybe and please feel free to ask. Extended list here

Erika Karisawa
  • Female
  • 21
  • Human
  • Heterosexual but flexible
  • Durarara!!
Favourite (IC)
  • Biting/scratching
  • Bondage
  • Breast/nipple play
  • Breathplay
  • Burning
  • Consent play
  • Costumes
  • Dirty Talking
  • Discipline/Punishments
  • Electrical play
  • Exhibitionism
  • Humiliation1
  • Knifeplay
  • Oral sex
  • Orgasm control/denial
  • Painplay
  • Public scenes
  • Roleplay
  • Torture2
  • Voyeurism
1As one doing the humiliating
2Mental or physical; nothing explicit for the latter
Yes please
  • Everything in IC preferred
  • Abrasions
  • Anonymity
  • Begging
  • Blindfolds
  • Bukkake
  • Caging
  • Caning
  • Coercion/Blackmail
  • Collars
  • Degradation
  • Double penetration1
  • Gags2
  • Licking
  • Massaging
  • Mirrors/Doubles
  • Multiple partners
  • Objectification
  • Phone sex
  • Possession/Marking
  • Sensation play
  • Tentacles
  • Titfucking
1But no more than one penetration per hole
2But no ball gags
  • Ageplay1
  • Anal intercourse
  • Animal play
  • Body Alteration
  • Fucking machines
  • Gagging
  • Non/Dub-con
  • Object penetration
  • Pegging
  • Rimmimg
  • Toys
  • Triple penetration2
1Youngest must be at least 18, though can be pretending to be younger
2But no more than one penetration per hole
No thanks
  • Bloodplay
  • Diapers
  • Enemas
  • Fisting
  • Gaping
  • Gore/Guro
  • Inflation
  • Pregnancy
  • Scat
  • Vomit
  • Vore
  • Watersports
  • Backtagging: Yes
  • Threadhopping: Yes
  • PM: Yes
  • How's my Driving: Yes

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As Erika is a minor character, there's a lot that's left unspecified. This post is a collection of various bits I've brought into my own headcanon for her.

- Erika herself is not a gamer even if she enjoys them. She is aware of video game canons because of the boys (and enjoys the storylines) but leaves the actual playing to them. She has at times been known to run commentary on the storyline, often to the detriment of play.

- Erika doesn't grasp jealousy, or at least she doesn't react to people flirting with Walker to make her jealous. This is both because she's confident enough to know that they're a forever thing and because hey, she ships Walker with other people herself. Her only objection would be if she wasn't allowed to watch.

- That being said, she does react badly to threats against Walker, Kadota or Tosuga. The van gang is more of a family to her than her actual family ever was and she would literally lay down her life for them, Kadota especially.

- Being the only girl in the van gang doesn't bother her. In fact, she finds it easier to get on with guys than she does with girls, if only because that's who she's always gotten on with better in the past.

- This has a lot to do with the fact that Erika is not much of a girlie girl herself. While she does prefer long dresses and skirts over trousers, she doesn't take a huge interest in what she wears (though she does have her own personal style which she tends to stick to). She's also a terrible cook, to the point where she's pretty much banned from the kitchen, although there are some things she can do that might be considered feminine (for example, she's adept enough at sewing for cosplay and that helps her help the boys from time to time)

- Erika can't abide complete silence. She can deal with quiet, so if she's around other people and can hear them breathing that's okay, but not absolute silence. This goes double for when it's dark or she's otherwise restricted visually.

- Having never left Ikebukuro, Erika has a fascination for the truly natural wherever it presents itself. She's not a hippie by any means but in situations where she is in somewhere less built-up than Ikebukuro she tends to appreciate it.

Sex and other matters )

Amat app

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» Journal: amazingly_strange
» Birthdate/Age: July 1983 / 28
» Characters Played: None

» Name: Erika Karisawa
» Fandom: Durarara!! (anime, pulling in background from the light novels)
» Reference: Series at Wikipedia:!!
Erika at the DRRR!! Wiki:
This has a better rundown of the anime episodes:
TV Tropes page: Series ( and Erika ( where she is listed alongside Walker).
There’s also translations of the light novel ( and although those apply less as Erika’s from anime timeline. Still useful for fleshing out what the anime doesn’t though.

» Canon Point: Shortly before the warehouse scene in episode 23 (where Kida goes to confront Horada) – i.e before Kadota and Tosuga infiltrate the Yellow Scarves

» Gender: Female

» Age: No canon age is given but I tend to ballpark her as being around 21 –Shinra, Izaya and Shizuo are all around the 24 mark as the DRRR!! Wiki notes, and Kadota was at school the same time as them so that makes him 24 too. I figure Erika to be notably younger than Kadota but not so young as to leave a huge age gap between them, hence 21.

» Orientation: Though Erika's sexuality is never outright stated in canon, mostly down to the open to interpretation relationship between herself and Walker, if there are hints in any direction it's towards her being heterosexual. As noted, there are very heavy hints that Erika and Walker are romantically involved with each other – for example, her reaction when she can’t find him during episode 8 and their subsequent reunion which sees them dancing in the street together may very well suggest that they are more than just friends. There’s also a scene towards the very end of the series where she is shown asleep on Walker’s shoulder. Whether this is all just because they're that close as friends or whether there's something more is unclear (although I tend towards the belief that they are a couple and that is how I would play her on arrival). Additionally, it’s highly likely that at least part of her obsession with yaoi is based on a sexual appeal, especially as she begins applying it to the people around her (a key example being her tendency to ship Walker with Kadota, especially in view of her possible relationship with the former). However, this is all extrapolation from my interpretation and nothing is ever confirmed outright.

» Personality: In an early episode of the anime, Erika is described as being strange, but a good person so long as you stay on her good side. This serves as a good starting point for her personality, although of course there is far more to her than this one sweeping generalisation.

The first thing most people are likely to notice about Erika is that she is a huge anime and manga fan – in fact, her very first appearance in canon involves her and Walker carrying a cut-out of an anime character. She’s prone to talking in references that most other people don’t fully understand and with an enthusiasm that many find unsettling – especially when it comes to Boys Love. Erika is a massive yaoi shipper to the extent that it isn’t restricted to fictional couples – she has shipped and, in some cases, produced doujinshi of people in her real life that she sees as a good fit, including Walker and Kadota (the former strongly hinted to be someone she is romantically involved with, the latter being the leader of their gang of four) and Izaya and Shizuo, in spite of their interactions mostly revolving around attempts to kill each other.

Her fixation with all things animanga isn’t entirely harmless, however. She, along with Walker, has become adept at determining torture methods, both mental and physical, based on various manga series and, as might be expected for one with her enthusiasm, these tend to border on overkill and it usually falls to Kadota to rein her in and stop her from being too destructive (for example, his reminder in one episode that she and Walker aren’t to use gasoline to torture people in the van). To Erika’s mind, this behaviour is justified in that the van gang (Kadota’s gang, comprising Erika, Walker and Togusa) only go after those who deserve to be stopped – such as, for example, the Manhunters who saw fit to kidnap someone who the group cared for if only for his ability to secure otherwise sold-out tickets for performances by Togusa’s favourite Idol. The torture is designed largely to gather more information when necessary, such as finding out the connection between those kidnapping people around Ikebukuro and Yagiri Pharmaceuticals.

That isn’t to say that the manga is responsible for her violent tendencies – if anything, she considers it an insult to true manga fans to assign blame to fiction for one’s own actions. It’s far more likely that her more twisted nature comes from a combination of her background (which is never expanded on but is implied to be somewhat dark based on her claim that Kadota “saved [her] from the darkness”), her involvement with the Blue Squares and the fact that she and Walker are as bad as each other and thus enable each other and perpetuate each other’s behaviour.

There is, however, something more in her tendency to blur the lines of fiction and reality, be it through applying fictional ideas to real life or subjecting reality to a filter that involves imagining things of those she knows that have no real life basis. To understand this, one has to look to one of the later episodes where she discusses the possibility of rewriting reality to get past the mistakes of the past and thus be able to move forward. Given that this is something she has been shown to be able to discuss in a somewhat rational and calm manner, it’s apparent that this is something she takes seriously and has put a lot of thought into.

The other aspect in which Erika’s serious nature comes out is in relation to her friends, particularly to the rest of the van gang. Though her relationship with Walker is never explicitly noted as being romantic, there are very heavy implications throughout the series and regardless it’s clear that they are closer to each other than they are to anyone else. Between the torture and the endless references, the pair do come up with workable theories on occasion even if they are not always understandable to anyone else and based on the panic she experiences when she loses track of him in episode eight, it’s apparent that she’s incredibly protective of him.

Kadota is someone for whom Erika would likewise do anything for. She credits him with saving her from the darkness of her past and it is likely this that caused her to follow him when he chose to defect from the Blue Squares. Though she enjoys teasing him and calling him Dotachin (a nickname given to him by Izaya Orihara and which he hates being called), if anything were to happen to him then she’d be moved to take revenge on the one responsible. Equally Togusa, who often has to suffer the abuse she and Walker inflict on his van, is someone she cares for a lot and would do anything for.

Outside of the van gang, Erika is mostly one to observe without really knowing people. The one person with whom she is known to have more than a passing knowledge of is Masaomi Kida, former and now once again current leader of the Yellow Scarves whose girlfriend Kadota and the others rescued from their former allies in the Blue Squares when Kida could not. Simon she likely sees a lot due to the van gang being regular customers at Russia Sushi. With regard to Izaya, it’s a little more unclear – a lot of the nicknames she uses are ones that Izaya also uses, and she refers to him as Izayan or Iza-Iza but whether she actually knows him or whether she only knows him at a distance is unknown.

Overall, if you can stay on her good side then Erika will be nothing more than the slightly unusual otaku with a propensity to ship people regardless of their own feelings on the matter. Cross her, however, and especially if you hurt someone she cares for, and you’d better hope you’re prepared for the consequences.

» Appearance: Erika is of fairly average height – she’s certainly shorter than the rest of the van gang and is also about half a head shorter than Celty, but is taller than Anri. She has a slight build with modest curves – she’s not rake-thin by any means but she has a small frame. She has an oval face and overall delicate features with big, expressive brown eyes that usually hold a hint of mischief to them. Her hair is dark brown and past shoulder length, though she normally wears it up in a braid and covered by her hat.

Clothing-wise, she tends to favour high necks and long skirts, whether that be achieved through a dress or separate top/skirt combination. She is very rarely seen without her hat and her book bag.

» Suitability: N/A

» "amatomnes" First-Person Network Entry:
[The young female that appears on screen wears an expression that speaks to determination, even as the haphazard manner in which her hair has been pinned back would hint towards panic for those who knew her and possibly even to those who didn’t.]

All right. I don’t know who you are, what you want, why you’ve taken me or what you’ve done to me but if you think you’re going to get away with this then you’re very much mistaken. First of all, if you think I’m just going to sit and play damsel then you obviously know nothing about me. Secondly, if you think no-one’s going to notice I’m gone then you’re in for a surprise when Dotachin and the others find me. And they will find me; I don’t care how clever you think you’ve been in hiding me. And if this is all for some stupid grudge? You’re really going to regret reminding us that you exist.

» "amatomneslogs" Third-Person Prose Entry:
Erika stirred with a satisfied murmur, still half-sleeping and utterly sated by the most vivid dream she’d experienced in a long while. What had sparked such a dream for her she wasn’t sure; all she knew was that even if it hadn’t been real, the warm glow that came from utter satisfaction delivered by one who had long ago become her world definitely was.

She rolled over, reaching for the person she had become accustomed to waking next to and eyes snapping open as she realised he wasn’t there. That in itself wasn’t so unusual, except that she quickly came to notice that the bed she was on definitely wasn’t hers. And come to think of it, she couldn’t quite remember falling asleep to be able to dream. Admittedly, she’d fallen asleep in the van plenty of times when things had gotten slow, but all that did was serve to make her current surroundings even more unusual.

Slowly, reluctantly, she moved to stand, running her fingers through hair she didn’t remember letting down. Even as there was a part of her that wanted to lie back and make the most of the bed, far more comfortable and comforting than almost anywhere else she had slept, she had to figure out what was going on and, rather more immediately, where her clothes were. Another warning, another hint that there was something wrong about this entire situation but she wouldn’t allow herself to panic yet. It was likely just the guys trying to mess with her; any second now she expected Walker to show himself and congratulate himself on catching her off-guard. Not that he’d ever done that before, but there was probably something like this in a manga somewhere and, well, torture wasn’t the only thing they’d ever used fiction as a basis for.

Having found her clothes neatly folded nearby – far more neatly than she bothered with, more often than not – she began to dress, working almost on autopilot as she took in more of the room she was in. It wasn’t a style she had seen much outside of fiction and even then very rarely, and as beautiful and awe-inspiring as it was, it also made her a little uneasy knowing as she did that the same was true for Walker and the others. And if that was true then that left her to wonder who exactly had brought her here and what they wanted with her. Former Blue Squares out for revenge? They’d been dormant for some time, most of them defecting to the Yellow Squares, but then the Yellow Squares had supposedly died down and now they were a more vocal, more visible force than ever before. And long in the past their defection might well have been, but that didn’t mean that someone couldn’t still be out for revenge on Kadota and those who followed him.

Just as she moved to pull on her top, still lost in musing over just who had seen fit to kidnap her and for what purpose, her fingers found the edge of something near her neck that definitely wasn’t skin. She walked over to the mirror, top still clutched to her chest as she leant in to examine the collar she was now wearing. With her free hand she traced over the white lace set over black leather, feeling for a clasp and frowning as she found one only to find it apparently stuck. Her mind couldn’t help but drift to the Manhunters, a group that had seemed to have died down ever since the first and thus far only mass Dollars gathering and who had specialised in kidnapping and moving people for dubious purposes. With Yagiri Pharmaceuticals in new hands, she and the others had taken for granted that the Manhunters had given up but perhaps this was their revenge. After all, it wasn’t as though she and the others hadn’t thrown more than a few spanners in the works where they were concerned.

With one last frown at her reflection, Erika turned and finished dressing, grateful that the high neck of her top at least disguised the collar beneath. She retrieved the phone-like device from where it rested on top of her hat and made her way to one of the large windows, telling herself she wasn’t nervous or worried even as the city she looked out upon bore very little resemblance to Ikebukuro or to anywhere she had ever seen before. A city which spoke to this being far bigger and far more serious a situation than she had first anticipated – something she would almost have considered to be Kadota’s way of keeping her out of the way while he and Togusa infiltrated the Yellow Scarves if not for the overwhelming evidence to suggest otherwise. And though Erika was hardly one to scare easily and was more than prepared to defend herself if necessary, that didn’t change the near-overwhelming uneasiness she felt at being taken from the others, with no idea if they even knew she was gone yet and with her having no way of knowing that nothing had happened to them.


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